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ASA-Lift Wide Span (Gantry tractor)

This article from 2014 has been recovered from the closed ctfeurope.com site. Sorry for any links not working.

Why are wide span tractors interesting?

Agricultural machines have grown in size over the past 60 years. They are now so heavy that they damage the soil in the field, and they take up  lots of space on roads.

Wide Span machinery solves both these two problems.

A wide span machine is long and narrow with road transport. The field is wide, so it makes little trace
A wide span machine is long and narrow when in road transport. and wide in the field, where it leaves few wheel tracks. CAD Drawing: ASA-Lift

Presentations CTF 2015
Abstracts and presentations
CTF 2015, 18 19 June 2015, Prague
Presentations are available for participants at the conference and member of the SASP platform. From:

Introduction – Welcome

Hans Henrik Pedersen, CTF Europe.dk, Chairman of CTF-2015

Welcome and programme of the day


Frantisek Kumhala, Prof. Czech University of Life Sciences

Welcome to the Czech Republic and introduction to Czech (high tech) agriculture and research


First CTF farm visit in the UK (Click to enlarge)

Tim Chamen, CTF Europe Ltd, UK

Controlled Traffic Farming
– from research to adoption ( northern Europe) and future prospects



Farmer experiences with CTF

CTF as a means to successful direct drilling 

Nick August, August farms, Oxfordshire, UK


Presentation with comments

It works so well that it can hardly be true”. Experiences from heavy and highly variable soils 

Jan Jönsson, Lydinge Farm, Skåne, Sweden



Management of farming and staff in large scale farming. Nine years of CTF experiences in Romania. 

Hans Ole Rasmussen, Romania


Posters session

Diogenes Antille, University of South. Queensland, Australia

1: Controlled traffic farming reduces nitrous oxide emissions from grain cropping

2: Highlighting the importance of CTF for heavy cotton harvest machinery

Abstract 1

Abstract 2


Chris Bluett, HRZ Consulting ACTFA, Australian Controlled Traffic Farming Association 

CTF can lower N2O emissions from cropping fields.
– Better for the planet, and saves fertiliser too!



Jozef Hula, Czech University of Life Science

System with permanent traffic lanes practised in a 10-ha field



Overseas experiences with CTF

Experiences from Australia: 20 years of CTF and 12 things not to do

Wayne Chapman, CTF Solutions and Wanaringa Farm, Taroom, Queensland, Australia



CTF in Canada and in the US. Experiences and how is interest among farmers?

Peter Gamache, CTF Alberta, Canada



Recent research, farm economy and the environmental impact

Results from recent traffic system research and the implications for future work

Dick Godwin, Harper Adams University, Newport UK



Economics assessment of CTF in arable crop rotations and in forage grass

Hans Alvemar, Alvemar Consult and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala



CTF in vegetables – great potential, challenged by incompatible machinery.

John McPhee, University of Tasmania, Burnie, Australia



CTF in Australian grain production: Less emissions of green house gasses emissions and good economics to the farmer.

Jeff Tullberg, University of Queensland; National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture and CTF Solutions, Queensland, Australia



New into CTF – how to get started

Modifying machinery for 9 m CTF. Our first year’s of experiences from 750 ha in undulating land in Poland

Tadeusz Niesiobędzki, Rolman Farm, Poland


We now finally have a plan how to implement 12 m CTF on our 3.000 ha

Martin Rosenmejer, Skabernäs, Skåne Sweden


Industry view on CTF

How do requests from CTF farmers influence R&D in the industry?

Joachim Stiegemann, Claas


New opportunities with auto-guidance system and field mapping software. Has the challenge of compatibility between systems been solved?

Patrik Vitek, Leading Farmers, Czech Republic


Field day – Agrovation Farm

Harvest 2014 at Agrovation Farm

Presentation of the Agrovation Farm and the established 12 m rubber belt based CTF system

Michael Horsch, Horsch

Presentations from pre-conference seminar/tour

CTF in vegetable production
Pension Verona, Nordby, Samsø, Denmark, 16 June


 Jens Kr. Kjeldahl, Brdr. Kjeldahl, I/S, Samsø, DK

Experiences from seven years of seasonal CTF and our plans to achieve a full 3 m CTF system without harvest compromises

Test of 9.6 m Wide Span CTF

 Sander Bernaerts, Naturim. NL

CTF standards and development in the Dutch organic vegetable industry

Potato planting -

 John McPhee, TIA, University of Tasmania, Australia

CTF in vegetables – Progress in Australia

 Paul v. Ham, Van Ham Organisatie & Advies, NL 

MultiToolTrac. First experiences with an electric multipurpose tractor with variable track gauge (up to 3.2 m)

 George Sly, Sly Agri, UK 

Use of tracks instead of tyres

A very quick introduction to strip tillage

Estimated Green House gas emission from 5 case farms in Tasmania

 Hans Henrik Pedersen, Aarhus University and CTF Europe.dk  

The economical and environmental effects of implementing CTF in the vegetable industry

CTF Europe overgår til Smart Agri-Systems Platform

Fra 2015 er de engelske aktiviteter i CTF Europe flyttet over i netværksamarbejdet “Smart Agri-Systems Platform” (SASP).  Med et medlemsskab af SASP vil du også fremover modtage nyheder om faste kørespor.

Agrovation, CTF demonstrations- og udviklingsfarm for Horsch, 3.000 ha i Tjekkiet.

Maskinproducenten Horsch afprøver og udvikler gerne nye maskiner på egen jord. Et 12 m faste kørespor system er implementeret på den 3.000 ha store Tjekkiske ejendom AgroVation. Ved den 2. internationale CTF konference, der foregår d. 18. og 19. juni 2015 er der besøg på ejendommen. Se her, hvis du vil med.

CTF i kartofler, Skåne d. 27. november

Er du interesseret i kartofler og faste kørespor, så har dette måske din interesse.

Et kartoffelseminar arrangeret af Syngenta, der slutter af med et indlæg faste kørespor. Jeg har fået lov at invitere medlemmer af CTF Europe til den sidste del, hvor programmet er:

10:30-12:30 Application Technique (Session leader: Johan Henrysson)
10:30 Seed treatment – experiences from Sweden / Anders Persson Kvistalånga (SE)
10.55 Syngenta potato nozzles / Mikkel Nilars (DK)
11.20 Air assisted spraying / Johannes De Boer (NL)
12:00 Controlled Traffic Farming / lecturer not yet confirmed

Test 2


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